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Hi Jasem,

I've had a couple of issues lately, not sure of which may be eqmod issues and which could be Kstars, Ekos etc. The first one is, I've set the parking position to a low position in the direction of North, then powered down the system normally. Then the next day, starting up Ekos and connecting up the equipment, somehow the parking positon moved to the Southwest. I have tried setting it again to the North. Closing and reopening Kstars the parking positon set itself to the Southwest once again. Today I tried purging all settings and the parking position. This seemed to have worked, closing and reopening Kstars, the parking position stayed in place. What happened is, the scope imaged just fine until the meridian flip, but couldn't complete the flip, because it moved to the completely wrong direction. Afterwards I tried some things and the eqmod driver crashed, but Kstars also crashed. All of this came about after updating to 3.5.4 from 3.4.x version.

I attached some logs  

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, I would be bery happy If you could find some explanation.

Thanks a lot,