Craig Oakley replied to the topic 'indi_celestron_aux' in the forum. 2 years ago


Does the Celestron AUX driver have any hidden slew limits?

On initial connection, I cannot manually slew more than approximately 20-30 degrees east of North. I have no slew limits set and no problems slewing west of North.

My initial mount setup has the RA and Dec set to the index marks and counterweights pointing North. The hand controller is disconnected as suggested. I am using the SkyQ WiFi module.

After much trial and error, I found a partial work around. I initially position the telescope on the East side of the mount, counterweights facing West.

I could then manually slew to any part of the sky, but KStars was still confused as to where the mount was pointing even after a dozen plate solves. Any Goto command would point the scope to the wrong part of the sky.

So, maybe someone out there has experienced similar issues and can offer some suggestions.