Hello Fellow Astronomers,
I just have installed Astroberry/Indilib/Kstars/Ekos on my Raspberry Pi and ZWO Asi camera, EQMod mount, guide camera, focuser are working flawlessly.

Now I wanted to setup my Canon EOS 80D DSLR as well. In the INDI server I loaded the Canon DSLR driver, in Ekos I configured the CCD as Canon DSLR.
The DSLR is connected to the Raspi via USB connection. USB connection under Windows works without problems. When I connect Ekos to the DSLR I get
"green light" for th connection, however when I try to take a capture, I get error message that capture is not possible and The DSLR displays a message
on its LCD screen: "Error! Switch off the camera and switch on again".

In a n Ubuntu terminal, when doing a "gphoto2 -a" I get the info:
Abilities for camera: USB PTP class camera
Serial port support: no
USB support: yes
Capture choice: Image, Preview
Configuration support: yes
Delete selected files on camera: yes
Delete all files on camera: no
File preview (thumbnails): yes
File upload: yes

gphoto2 --auto-detect gives:

USB PTP class camera USB port usb:001,005

When I try to take an image ina terminal with "gphoto2 --capture-image" then the shutter is released, an image is taken but then the image is not
stored on the camera SDHC card, the camera says "busy" and in the terminal after a minute I get the error message:

*** Error ***
Canon EOS full press failed (0x2019: PTP device busy)
ERROR: could not capture image
ERROR: could not capture

Has anyone successfully connected Canon DSLRs with Astroberry/Indi ?

I would appreciate any hint on what I can do tho overcome this problem.

Clear night skies !

Helmut Zimmermann