Go to this thread : www.indilib.org/forum/ekos/9609-dual-cam...maging-realized.html that I posted above

1) at a console while INDI is running issue indi.getprop - you will see a flow of device output and there you can capture the NAME of your camera
2) take the script from the thread above...any text editor...and change name of the camer to what you have - save that script as a .sh script file in whatever directory you want
3) in CAMERA panel in EKOS look fo rthe script button...select the pre-capture script bod and use selectoin tool to fin your new .sh script

echo "taking a picture"
indi_setprop "QHY CCD QHY294PROC-4e75.CCD_EXPOSURE.CCD_EXPOSURE_VALUE=300" <<<<<<<you set the camera to what you really have and whatever time you need :-)
echo "command sent"
exit 0

Then as you add sequences that script will be added to the sequence