I use the Nexus DSC to drive the ServoCat in my 20" f/3.3 New Moon Telescope. Sky Safari is connected via the internal wifi and is used to align and control goto functions.

Recently, I was reading a thread on CloudyNights which featured a design for a DIY hardware/software solution to allow plate-solving alignment for Sky Safari:


I contacted the poster and he suggested that a Stellarmate running Ekos using the INDI drivers for Sky Safari might allow me to adapt my GOTO system to use plate-solving alignment (making use of a small independently operating camera.) .

My ultimate goal would be a system which could plate-solve after each GOTO and correct the inherent "slop" in the system.

Question: Do you know of anyone using something similar in a big-dob ServoCat setup? Is Nexus DSC compatible with Stellarmate?

Ideas, opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

-Bentley Ousley