Thank you for your reply and for your generous offer of support. I am not yet a Stellarmate owner. I was trying to gauge whether my application using my current equipment was likely to be possible. I have a limited understanding of the Stellarmate system, but with what I've been able to glean, I see that a driver/interface exists for Sky Safari(wifi). It seems that using this driver/interface, goto/slew/alignment commands from Sky Safari can be sent to Stellarmate and sync commands from Stellarmate can be received by Sky Safari.

Here is one point that I don't understand. On my system, Nexus DSC / ServoCat is functioning as a mount in that it receives goto/slew/alignment commands from Sky Safari via WIFI and then moves the scope to the target. In my current system, Nexus DSC acts as an adhoc WIFI network for connection to Sky Safari. Is it possible for Stellarmate to "see" the Nexus DSC / ServoCat as a mount and attach as a WIFI client, while still "seeing" Sky Safari through WIFI and acting as a host?

Question: How can this be set up such that the Stellarmate acts as an intermediary between Sky Safari and Nexus DSC / SevoCat?