I'm sorry I missed to reply to your joystick question.
So my original fix for the EKOS conrtol pad and joystick control is in the master trunk since months, so it is as good as it can be according to the 'state of the art' code. It has some overshoot and retrack back like behavior, but imho mostly usable. I have a plan to further tweak it but I'm not sure how much it will help.
The joystick is of course easier to use than trying to push button with a mouse, aspecially when you are sitting next to the scope and trying to look into the eyepeace. So i recomend using a joystick, or even more practiacally a game pad. The game pad has two sticks, one is moving the scope, with the other you can change the speed. The only drawback is that you still have to have the EKOS mount control pad open, to see the actual speed setting, as it is sometimes it skips 2 or 3 steps when setting with the joystick, and I don't know any other means to know it.

Last night it was a sort of clear sky, and I have experimented with the SoftPEC. @krno, with the recent code cleanup you have removed the softPEC code, as it was surrounded with "if (virtuoso()) {}" code, but imho the softPEC the way it is implemented in the code now maybe useful for any kind of mount. It is right to have it disabled (on the settings) by default, but it should be allowed to be enabled, regardles of the mount code. Also I would put the same for the other (Az) axis too.

So during experimenting with this I have done a lot's of solve&sync operation, and it seems that the "sync failed" comes when I successively do solve&sync, and the error goes below some threshold. Afther that the "solve & do nothing" still works, and if I slew to a slightly different target, the "solve & sync" works again. Even worked sometimes for the same target after a while (the mount has drifted away meanwhile". But this "close enough" is still a few hundreds of arcsecs which is obviously not "close enough" for some practical purpose, so something should be done about it.

Jon, I don't understand what do you mean by the "simulated mount has been stabilized" thing!