Euripides replied to the topic 'Save path changes automatically' in the forum. 5 months ago

Yeap the latest stable fully upgraded.

I'm confused Jasem...

At Indi control panel-->Toupcam GPC the I have "Guide", "Local" and the Dir says : /home/astroberry , that is actually in my one and only SD Card.

As soon as I press Start in the Capture panel, it changes automatically to "Guide", "Client" and the Dir says : [...]/astroberry/ASTROPHOTOS/Light/[...]

That was a remote location (a USB stick) that is not attached for over a month. How does it know, remember, and automatically apply this older path?
So then it searches for that path and just stays there without saving the file and continues capturing.

FYI, I'm not even counting the path that I have on the Capture tab.