Marco created a new topic ' Capture issues with Olympus E-M1 Mk2' in the forum. 2 months ago

I'm having an issue with capture on my Olympus E-M1 Mk2 that I hope someone can help me with. The camera is detected correctly in the INDI server and I can see and configure all the settings such as ISO control.

  • Live Video is working OK, so I get the window opens up and I can see what the camera is seeing as expected
  • Recording from Live Video is also working OK, a .ser video file is dropped into the astroberry/indi_<date> folder and plays OK
  • The problems start when I press the Capture a preview button. The camera takes a photo (recorded to the SD card) and there is a spinning wheel next to the "seconds left" text
  • If I load up a simple job such as take 2x 5 sec photos @ ISO1600 I get a similar result. The first picture is taken and stored to the local SD card and there is then the spinning wheel next to the "seconds left" text and nothing else happens
  • At this point the camera seems unresponsive and KStars will eventually crash out after several minutes
The camera settings such as the ISO settings are correctly applied, the camera is in Bulb mode, but still what seems to be a small issue is stopping this from working properly.

I'm running this from a Raspberry Pi 3B running Astroberry Server, although I have also tested running from a RPI running Ubuntu Mate and the latest build of KStars/Ekos. I'm fairly technical minded, so can probably have a try at anything you need me to test. Thanks!