KStars Version 3.5.2 Stable, Build: 2021-03-01T11:47:36Z have some problems, looking at the ppa it looks like not all drivers have been build against the new library and therefore not updated with apt update/upgrade, maybe I'm wrong ?

This is the errors I get starting EQMod and SX drivers.

indi_eqmod_telescope --> indi_eqmod_telescope: symbol lookup error: indi_eqmod_telescope: undefined symbol: _ZN4INDI10BaseDevice11isConnectedEv
indi_sx_ccdindi_sx_ccd --> symbol lookup error: indi_sx_ccd: undefined symbol: _ZThn5128_N4INDI3CCD13GuideCompleteE12INDI_EQ_AXIS

Br, Markku