Mark Elliott created a new topic ' Astroberry on multiple PIs' in the forum. 3 years ago

Here's a thing...

3 kids, each with an Rpi4, one newbee parent. 

One scope, Skywatcher Eqm35-pro goto, ASI120 guide, D7200 imaging.

Think of this as a project, rather than an ideal solution. 

Is it possible to install Astroberry on each  Rpi4 and have each child take on their own part of the task, such as one for imaging and guide camera, one for mount control and one for PA and plate solving. With overall control from one PC in the house. 

Can Astroberry be configured in this way? (I'm pretty sure ekos/indi etc can), or would be a case of Astroberry on one Pi, and indi servers on the others?