I need some help...
I have two RaspberryPIs, one running a kstars-ekos combination which was mostly compiled from source, and one with Astroberry upgraded to latest version. Both run kstars 3.5.2 stable, but the Astroberry version has gphoto 3.0 vs. the gphoto 2.9 from the hand-compiled Raspi. This is the one having the issue:
If I connect my Canon DSLR, and I set the target to save the images to "SDCard" rather than "RAM" (because I like to have the pictures on card), the focus module cannot find the pictures anymore and reports failed exposures. This works fine with gphoto 2.9 on the compiled-from-source Raspi.
I also noted, that on the Indi Control Panel of Kstars, on the "Canon DSLR EOS 1000d" tab (where I also set the preference to RAM or SDCard) under the tab "imgsettings", the value for "imageformatcf" shows "unknown_value 400". Also under the tab "capturesettings", the value for "bracketmode" also shows "unknown_value 0000".
Both of these variables show fine under version 2.9 (as "RAW" and two values 0 and 0 respectively).
On a side note - the capture module works fine and displays the pictures, even when they are saved to SDCard. Only the focus module has an issue with this.
Here are my questions: Could there be a problem with the newer 3.0 version of gphoto or am I doing something else wrong? Can I downgrade the gphoto driver to 2.9 on the Astroberry and how can I do that (where would I find source code for 2.9)? 
Please help - The alternative of saving into RAM is really cumbersome with the Astroberry since it requires extra work to get it off there and on my main picture editing machine.
Thanks for any help.