Paul Mogg replied to the topic 'Joystick' in the forum. 2 years ago

FYI, As I couldn't get my Xbox controller working under Kstars I tried setting up INDIGO Server with my mount ( pmc8 ) and joystick, but couldn't get it to work there either. Their joystick driver HID Joystick did seem to see my controlller and read its serial number, and their mount driver does have a "snoop device" field. So I tried entering in that field the name of the driver and also tried the name of my device that the driver presented, but unfortunately no luck. No idea if it's something I'm doing wrong or something in their system, but thought I'd let you know. The INDIGO Server seems to work fine under Kstars / EKOS and one advantage to me is that it DOES recognize my SSAG guide camera, whereas the Kstars internal driver currently does not unfortunately.

If anyone manages to get joystick / gamepad functionality working under Kstars / EKOS on the Mac I'd appreciate if they'd post beginner level instructions on what to enter in what fields to get it working, Thank you, and thanks again for all your efforts in programming this stuff for us!