I'm using the Pegasus FocusCube v2 with astroberry 2.0.3 and all updates (kstars 3.5.0, libindi 1.8.7). The focuser seem to work well, although I hadn't the chance to use it at night due to bad weather :( I can set positions and the focus with kstars seem also to work.

So I want to use a joystick to focus when observing visually. I bought a xbox controller and also this works when I use the joystick tab in EKOS. The buttons and joysticks are recognized by EKOS.

I defined button 7 and 8 for focussing in and out and button 15 to abort focusing. Regarding the kstars log there is an info message "Pegasus DMFC: "[INFO] Focuser aborted."" and when I press button 7 or 8 "Pegasus DMFC: "[INFO] Focuser reached requested position."" So I think pressing the buttons is regognized by the focuser.

Problem is: ther is NO movement of the focuser when pressing button 7/8... Do I have missed something to click or something else?

Thank you for helping.

Best regards