I am fairly new to Kstars and Ekos and I must say I love it. Every aspect of it including the RPi4 setup and connecting to equipment, planning and etc. etc.
However there's one missing feature that has caused more heart ache for me and at least 3 others that I know off who have gone back to laptop based setup using SGP and NINA. Its the manual rotation feature.

In NINA and SGP, the user can select manual rotator and request the plate solver to check the actual angle of the FOV against the desired FOV rotation, then SGP/NINA reports the rotation required say 5.5 deg. clockwise or counter clockwise, the user then manually rotates the focuser and selects ok and the plate solver solves again and reports the required rotation. This is done until the required tolerance is met, In my case I've set it to 0.5 deg.

This is critical in my setup because, I use a 1" sensor at 550mm focal length and for most targets (eg:M45) it just fits in the FOV and because we have to pack up and setup over different nights and swap between targets, getting back to the original rotation as close as possible is important so as to not destroy the edges of the stacked image and minimize the crop.

We could use a automatic rotator but the equipment is too expensive and we have been using manual rotation successfully in SGP/NINA.

Could you please consider the feature

- Vin