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With some testing i have some observations.

Tests Conditions:
15 iterations of the worm cycle used with PECPREP. (autofilter on the log for best ones)
This is my guiding log at the end of a evening of imaging, with dithers removed manually from the log.
Guiding was using 3 second exposures, to remove seeing.
PECPREP PEC Error correction Cycle generated and exported with "save 10PEC cycles".
However my PECPREP data is 2 weeks old, so the phase would be completely out.

First Results:
Data loads correctly and runs through the system generating pulses (Yaay - see log)
I set mine to pulse at 1, so that for every index i get a pulse.
This is because i have a completely smooth curve generated by PECPREP.
I am hoping that this will mean no conflicts with my guiding system.
(When i record this for real.)

Next if you get the file name  / location wrong the driver crashes.
I suggest if you have a blank file name / location, then just start recording.
(ie for somebody that wants to record manually from GPG guiding.)
If file name / location > blank and not found, then a write an error into the log, file not found.

I do not understand West Positive, ie. how to work out if i should change this.

Lastly, when i do this for real, i am not sure how to get the Dephase number.
For this test I just set it to 100, to see how it works. (ie. it moves the index out by 100.)

Log File attached and PECPREP data attached. 

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