Dear all, DaveSw,

Q: When you say "manual shutter" do you mean you are adjusting and triggering the camera yourself, without Ekos/Indi, using a cable release or intervalometer? Are you using the mechanical or electronic shutter?
A: I mean in the camera setting, I setted the Shutter in "Mechanical Mode" MS

Q:Regarding the SD card (and by this I mean the SD card in the camera). Do you save images to both the camera's SD card and your system?
A: I save the images Locally on the PI (let say Remotly from the Laptop), I'm also be able to save them Locally on the Laptop but it take more time >50secs.
No Files are saved into the SD card, regardless the setting in Indi, for me it is ok.

My Setup is:

- Laptop Windows with Kstars-Ekos,
- RI4 Astroberry + a 256GB USB stick to store the taken photos
- Main Camera X-T4 connected directly on the PI4 USB-3 (Blue Port) File is Native (.raf)
- QHY5II and Mount connected through a Powered USB Hub on USB 2 (Black port)