Sorry, noob question here:  I'm out in the field with a rig that cannot connect to my equipment per the difficulties in this thread.  I am running the nightly release from Monday morning, but what I need is the latest stable release according to Jasem's instructions above.  The problem I have is that my Ubuntu 20.04 MiniPC is on a local ethernet LAN with no Internet access.  I do have access to slow WiFi, but when I connect to that I cannot seem to connect to NoMachine (likely the port is blocked - outside of my control) and thus cannot remote in and install KStars.  I have a portable monitor, but forgot my keyboard/mouse at home 3 hours away.

Is there any way that I can download KStars-stable on a Mac/Windows machine, drop it on a USB flash drive and install from there?

I also have a Mac with me, so I was excited to see KStars 3.5.3 released (not sure if it includes this issue or has the fix for it, though) -- but the download link is broken on the Kstars page! -->