John Pearson created a new topic ' Sony Alpha 7iii Set Up Issues' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hey Everyone - new poster here and new to INDI / astrophotography. Have a relatively (I hope) straightforward issue that I hope to fix soon (it is CLEAR out tonight!) and get back to capturing photons ;)

My setup: RedCat 51, iOptron Skyguider Pro, Sony Alpha 7iii ( ILCE-7M3 ), Raspberry Pi 4 + Stellarmate

My programming / pi skills are novice, so please keep it basic even though I am learning rapidly.

I have Stellarmate installed, and am able to access via VNC and use the software no problem. I also connected with the app initially and it appears my profile is working appropriately in Ekos and Indi with it showing the Sony. I likewise messed around the PC control options so that seems to be in order as well (though maybe not?).

The issue is when I go to capture a preview or any image. When I do this in Ekos it throws me an error to check INDI settings that it is unable to capture. I go to INDI and it says I need to update my CCD information. Ok fine, so I enter in the info as I think it should be using this website:

The problem is that it does not let me set this. It simply stays red and refused to update the information. I also tried to capture previews to allow it to do this automatically, and no dice.

I hope this is relatively straightforward newbie stuff! See attached screenshots. Any ideas?