in the option of calibration , there is an option to reuse a guidiing calibration and an option to DEC swap when the subject is on the other side of the pier than the calibration set.

I ve check these tow option and uncheck the option to get a full calibration on each mount slew 
but i ve got problem with that. 
last night i make a guiding calibration on a subject on the west side , the set was very good as the object was near meridian/equator. Guiding was good
my next object was on east side and at the start the guiding was awfull.  The DEC was not automaticly swapped . I check the DEC SWAP checkbox , and the guiding is now good.

i check the pier side report by the mount (EQM35pro, eqmod) and it was good.

Did i miss something in order to be able to reuse calibration ? 
i can redo a calibration each slew but as my mount got hugh DEC backlash, sometime i got calib failure if i m not near equator/meridian.

also , if i do only a RA calibration , how dec guiding will be ? with standard dec guiding speed ? 

thanks for your help :)