flo created a new topic ' Ekos and alerting' in the forum. 3 years ago

i m using EKOS (stellarmate version) and i wonder  how to raise alert  when some event occur during the night  as  guiding lost or camera sequence aborted or humidy level raise. 

i will like to be able to send an alert to a google home , or home automation system (like philips hue light) to wake me . 
yesterday , weatherforcast say it  will be a clear night and when i wake up this morning it was raining , hopefully i remove my scope at 1am :) 
as i dont have a automated dome , i wonder if someone can help me how to do it. 

if somewhere in ekos we can react to an event to send a web request , i m sure i can get alert on my phone with IFTTT or something like this