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Hi all 
i m using ekos on a Steallarmate plateform, rpi4, on a not permanent pier
I m using ekos scheduler to run jobs throught the night on clear skies. 

Last night, it starts ok but after one hour, passing clouds appears and killed my guding. . I wait one hour , stills cloudy, so i pack all the rig into home and go to bed . and of course , this morning full clear sky :)  (since around 2am..)

i was wondering how to deals with passing clouds to pause the scheduler and restart it when clouds have go away 
i test with simulator and weather pluging openweather. 

if i run a job and force a bad weather situation , job is aborted and scheduler is stopped
but when i reset good weather , the scheduler need to be relauch, there seems not to have an automatic restart. 

Is there a means to achieve  this so that if sky is clearing during the night , scheduler can relauch jobs ? 

before i buy a lunatico cloud watcher , i would like to now if i can use it to max my observing hours 
i ve got another queston on scheduler and guiding with passing clouds, but i will create another post :) 

floren t