After triggering a capture and solve method in my DBUS-based python script using an ekos/align interface along the following lines:

align_object = bus.get_object("org.kde.kstars", # Connection name
                                "/KStars/Ekos/Align" # Object's path
align_iface = dbus.Interface(align_object, 'org.kde.kstars.Ekos.Align')

I would like to be able to access the content contained in the following C++ method in align.cpp:
    emit newSolverResults(orientation, ra, dec, pixscale);
    QJsonObject solution =
        {"camera", m_Camera->getDeviceName()},
        {"ra", SolverRAOut->text()},
        {"de", SolverDecOut->text()},
        {"dRA", m_TargetDiffRA},
        {"dDE", m_TargetDiffDE},
        {"targetDiff", m_TargetDiffTotal},
        {"pix", pixscale},
        {"PA", solverPA},
        {"fov", FOVOut->text()},

Does anyone out there know how I might get that information from within a python script? Thanks.