Help needed pls . 
So frustrating being so close but still not quite there.( I bet its operator error !!!) 

Celestron CGEM/ DX , C11 , ZWO 294MCpro, 60mm finder , loadstar guide cam .R Pi 4 , 8 gb and 128Gb Micro Sd  

Work flow 
Set up system and use Nexstar to do 2 star align , then when " Ready " appears on the screen plug in the Pi and log in to Astroberry server . Start the Ekos set up with my equipment profile and then individually focus both cameras. ( At this point choosing the individual cameras work and the individual scopes work etc ), so all good .

Stop both cameras 

Chose an object an object and slew to via Kstars which align to the limits set , all good after a few iterations the object is dead centre , result .
Note the mount is tracking I guess both by the Nexstar AND Ekos says its tracking also ?
Go to "guide" and chose guide camera AND guide scope  I Hit Capture/ guide and get a text box pop up   "Both guide camera and main camera are the same camera do you want to continue ? " I say YES  The images pop in at the set duration's from the guide camera and guide scope and it tries to calibrate but fails every time  , it does RA out ( the first ? ) , but when it moves to RA in the position just seems to continue to move in the same direction and  never Centres ? Calibration fails as it was " Unable to centre 
Questions ,
Should I have bothered doing the initial 2 star Nexstar alignment at the beginning ?
Why does EKOS think my two cameras are the same when I go to the guide section ?
Why does the RA calibration fail ( backlash ? ? can you change the settings to make it more aggressive , or is there a problem with the Celestron Driver)  
The guide section in EKOS does not say its guiding , BUT the mount section does say its tracking , is it getting this information form the mount ( Nexstar).

I am so close to getting things up and running ( whilst sitting in the warm ), Just need a little help to get things over the line .

Sorry if this is a bit long winded , but if there is someone out here also using Nexstar via the port on the hand control some advice would be great.