Thanks, guys, this will be helpful.

The CEM60 leans heavily on "zero position" (pointing at the pole with telescope vertical) - or maybe I do, since the hand controller insists on you powering off the mount after a park. I have not tried setting a park position in EKOS, thinking that would do the same thing.

My method has been to run the polar alignment several times, starting at zero position and returning to zero position after each run of the procedure. I don't have a permanent setup so I do this frequently.

I like the idea of rotating in RA more than 30 degrees during the alignment process, and also the idea of taking the images from both sides of the mount. Tell me if this is a good idea:
1) Set a park location with an RA 60 deg east and the scope pointed at the pole.
2) Run the polar alignment process, moving 60 deg west each time
3) Auto-park back to the first position

Good idea?

Thanks again for the help,