Thanks, I'll try that out.


Hey Khalid,

I've been using the indi OnStep plugin for a while and had no problem with it, it only crashes when PHD2 is finishing calibration. I tried both on Intel and on Astroberry and the behaviour is the same.
Is there a way to see/log all the communication between PHD2 and Indi driver to see which specific command causes it? I guess I can try to run tcpdump on localhost and analyze that, but perhaps there is an easier way.
On intel I did run the latest version of the plugin from Jasem's repo, on Astroberry it was what it came with, I tried upgrading but it caused the driver to stop working so I probably upgraded it incorrectly.



I've got a question regarding a combination of OnStep Indi driver which I'm using with PHD2.
When The calibration part was done, the driver crashed at what looks like some number conversion function, here is the log:

2021-05-13T01:06:11: Client 12: new arrival from - welcome!
2021-05-13T01:06:11: Client 13: new arrival from - welcome!
2021-05-13T01:06:14: Driver indi_v4l2_ccd: Decoder  reset crop
2021-05-13T01:06:14: Driver indi_v4l2_ccd: Decoder allocBuffers cropping false
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Driver indi_lx200_OnStep: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::invalid_argument'
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Driver indi_lx200_OnStep:   what():  stod
Child process 6950 died
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Driver indi_lx200_OnStep: stderr EOF
<delProperty device="LX200 OnStep"/>
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Driver indi_lx200_OnStep: restart #1
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Driver indi_lx200_OnStep: pid=7267 rfd=4 wfd=14 efd=15
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Client 13: read EOF
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Client 13: shut down complete - bye!
2021-05-13T01:08:33: Driver indi_lx200_OnStep: initializing from LX200 OnStep device...

I guess this looks like a bug, which is I guess unlikely given that I'm probably not the only person using OnStep and Indi/PHD2.
How can I debug this further?
Also, apologies for jumping this thread, but I'm under the impression all questions and issues for OnStep driver go here.