Hi all,

I'm having an issue with my set up (unchanged) whereby my ZWO ASI 120mm mini is losing connection. Generally there are 2 times it happens:

1. At initial power up - if I unpark my NEQ6, slew somewhere, plate solve with my AS1600 and then go to start guiding, the ZWO doesn't take a frame. If I restart the camera driver it may or may not recover. If I unplug the camera and plug it back in it always works
2. The annoying one, every time I meridian flip it slews, plate solves, then fails to take an image with the guide camera. Again, disconnect and reconnect sometimes works but sometimes doesn't (and may kill kstars too) whereas an unplug and plug back in always works

It's relatively new as a camera and had been trouble free and I have tried a couple of USB cables but it's consistent. I have checked the logs but there are no specific errors I can see, it just fails to work

I wondered if anyone had seen similar?