I am new to KStars/Ekos/INDI/Stellarmate. I have a Pi4 8GB with Stellarmate installed and it's working fairly well, other than the Paramount support is not quite there. It's close, but not quite right, and so I need to install and test nightly/beta releases for that driver when fixes make their way out. I am confused on the recommended way to keep things updated as well as how to get beta updates for drivers I might need to try. With other Pi's that I do not use to control astro devices I usually just do sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade. I do this on my Stellarmate as well but there are other options and I just don't know what the recommended procedure. I could use some advice on when to use the following options (and if there are other options besides these):
1. Software Updater icon on desktop: This is set to the Stable channel and I do not see any way to change it to the Beta channel. This thread often refers to setting the channel in the Control Panel but I cannot find a Control Panel so I guess I'm so new to the Stellarmate distro I need help with even something as simple as that.
2. Command-line: update_indi_core and update_indi_drivers
3. Command-line: apt update and apt upgrade

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide,