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Hi folks,

I use my Raspberry 4 with astroberry (EKOS/KStars) since roughly summer 2020. I never updated anything and it worked fine for me. I always use a Canon600Da as imaging camera and since day one I saved the files as RAW (cr2) on the SD card of the Raspberry. Reason for RAW is that I usualy took at least the dark only with the camera in a box. So those are always Cr2. And I heard some issues that sometimes PixInsight stated that the fits lights and Cr2 darks are not the same size resolution wise. To avoid that I took all my pics in RAW format.

Due to an issue I got with a new ASI178MM I wanna use for vids with firecapture I decided to update the whole system to the newest version.
So since this update a few weeks ago I use KStars Version 3.5.5 with Build 2021-10-10T01:43:20Z as it says in the info section.

So whats my problem? First let me explain how I use the Fitsviewer in the past and what I remember to see in the old version
Usualy I got a Black and white (unbayered) picuture and a not stretched view. I than used the histogram to roughly set the exposure to the first 1/3 of the histo. That was my workflow and it worked :)

Since the update I recognized thats the Fits Viewer shows colours. No big deal. But at the first night out it also seems that my exposure and ISO changes has no effect on the picture FitsViewer showed me. 
So it was some kind of guess work and my experience to set my exposure to the correct point.

Yesterday I took some time and tried to investigate the issue. I know that there are the option to setup the FitsViewer and believe my I checked and unchecked them all but that changed nothing.
Below I uploaded two pictures of the last night I used my gear. Both pichtures are made under the same conditions just a few minutes apart. I loaded them into the viewer to demonstrate you what happens

Pic 1:
180s / ISO 1600 Also visible are the fits viewer options. No auto stretch, no auto debayer are the most important ones. Also the stretch button in the lower left corner is inactive. So it should be the linear version of the CR2 file as it was in the past.


240s / ISO400! Believe it or not this image should be way darker than the first one (~60s ISO1600 equivalant vs. 180s ISO 1600). But in the fits view they look identicaly as a stretch is applied. Also, and this is much worse, the histogram looks very similar but not identicaly.


To be honest I have no clue what is going on. I would be happy to get some ideas how to approach that issue. I am not very familiar with linux so If you need something out of the system it would be great if you also can tell me where to find the stuff.

Clear skies