Jacobo Custodio replied to the topic 'Celestron Wifi issues' in the forum. 11 months ago

Hi Jasem, thanks for the update. I have just tried and I can confirm mount IP is stored as usual. 
On the other hand I would like to ask you one thing. What's AXIS1 PID Proportional value used for? I have been having tracking issues for quite a long time. At the begining the mount didn't track at all, but since a week, it starts tracking but with several problems. While tracking I can see RA and DEC figures changes, which shouldn't be the case as far as I know. In kstars I can see the mount trying to keep target centered but what it really does is moving around it, very closely but not centered at all.
Checking logs, I could see that tracking rate was set to 80. Looking to driver options I found this value in AXIS1 PID and AXIS2 PID Proportional. I reduced it several times until I tried with 20. With this value, tracking was working perfectly: target was kept centered and RA and DEC figures didn't change. Just ALT and AZ figures were changing. I don't really know if these figures can affect to tracking or this was just by chance.