Davide Maino replied to the topic 'Canon 700D issues with Ekos' in the forum. 2 years ago

Thnaks. However it did not fix the issue. When I issue the capture command the first 'click' from the camera occurs but the camera screen retains all the setting information. Then the mirror close without taking any picture at all. After that it tries again to capture and this time with success. However the waiting time for this second good capture is somehow erratic. And of course produces aborting in the ekos capture menu.
I manage to let it temporary work adjusting one of the setting in the indi driver menu. Specifically I noted that in the settings tab of the GPhoto CCD, but also in the Canon CCD driver, the output entry is set to OFF. I don't remember of having even changed it at all. But setting it to PC (one of the multiple options) it cause to mirror to flip and the camera screen to go dark. Then when I issue the capture command it works properly.
But I don't think it is the correct behavior.

So really frustrated since it worked like a charm till two week ago (shooting the bubble nebula) but it when out of battery. Maybe is it this not properly switch off of the camera that caused internal problems?
Thanks for any help.