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I'm unfortunately not familiar with the launchpad platform, but as far as I can see there were no further modifications after this change to EFA driver version 1.2:

I have tried through different versions again in the last few days. With version 1.2 from the INDI package 1.9.2 I get the "Invalid checksum!" error as also described in this thread:

I also tried the first suggested change of the checksum calculations ( link ) in version 1.2, but without success (the handshake still fails).


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we are using a Planewave EFA focuser, with the current INDI version 1.9.3 on a Debian 11 system. Unfortunately, no connection is established, at least not a bidirectional one.

The focuser can be addressed correctly under Windows with the PWI3 software, so we can rule out a hardware problem due to the many adapters. 

Under INDI, however, the version of the focuser and the temperatures are displayed correctly. In contrast, the transmission of commands fails, with the following error messages:
[ERROR] Send/Receive mismatch and timeout
[ERROR] Serial I/O error: Timeout error.

I have attached the corresponding log file. Unfortunately, we lack an approach to identify the cause of the error and would be very pleased to receive any hints!

Many thanks and best regards