MH replied to the topic 'KStars memory leak and crash' in the forum. 12 months ago

Something you may be able to do to recreate (and what I used previously) was to just take a lot of dark frames over a long period of time, especially if you need to build a darks library for specific temperatures and haven't had time yet.

Otherwise, can just take a lot of covered photos even if they aren't needed for calibration frames; the bug tended to reproduce itself when doing something like that for me.

There are also some ways you can log RAM usage over time.

Could use something like one of the answers to log RAM, CPU usage of Kstars over time to a local file and cross-reference, such as a one-liner I quickly cobbled together based on that answer:

while true; do ps -p <kstars_PID> -o %cpu,%mem,cmd; sleep 5; done | while read memStats; do echo "$(date): $memStats"; done | tee -a memtest.logs