Hi all I am having an issue with ekos plate solving. I am using a skywatcher 50mm finder with an sv305 connected. Although a focal length is not easy to find I have found 180mm quoted by others here so I am using that. 

Aperture = 50mm
Focal length = 180
Cad info 
Sensor 1920x1080
Pixel size 2.9um x2.9um

Ekos  calculates 106.3' x 59.8' 

Astronomy.tools106.2' x 60'

Pretty close, right?

However I can't solve, I downloaded ALL Index files as I have plenty of storage and with say 10 clear stars in a capture it fails to solve. Please can anyone advise? is anyone else using this combination of finder and ccd?

Thanks in advance 



Angus Fraser created a new topic ' sv305 pro camera' in the forum. 2 years ago

All, I am new to all of this I have just got my svbony sv305 pro running as my primary camera. I have found the file /home/astroberry/.indi/'SVBONY SV205_config.xml' which as far as I can figure holds my configuration settings set in ekos. There are so many settings in there it is hard to know what to set for a reasonable picture. I have included the contents of mine below. Can anyone who has used this camera suggest what settings they find useful or even better publish the config file that gives you success? My file is shown below, any help is greatly appreciated wassat.png

Thanks, Gus