Is there any progress on this topic? I am using kstars v3.5.7 with a Sony A7S. With both the indi-gphoto and indi-sony-ccd drivers, sudden disconnects happen when starting a shot or a series of shots. The disconnection sometimes occurs immediately, but sometimes only after 50 or more images.
In the camera display it says "connecting USB" again and kastars terminates without error message. Unfortunately "debugging" cannot be activated either, it shuts down immediately.

To exclude HW errors I wrote a batch script and took up to 1000 pictures and downloaded them with gphoto2. One only have to make sure to wait at least 5 seconds between two shots and it worked flawlessly.

Is it possible to download an older version of Kstars with indi for Ubuntu or install it via apt? I'm sure it worked with a former version of kstars/indi but I setup a new PC. I would be glad about helpful tips.