I just got my new Omegon veTec 571 camera. As always when you get new astro stuff, the weather is bad.
So I played around with the camera exploing all the features. I found that the camera supports two different
binning modes: adding pixels and averaging pixels. This feature seems not to be implemented
in the INDI 3rd party driver. I had a look into the code and found a TODO comment. As I always wanted to learn
how to contribute to this outstanding project I started to implement a control for this feature.
Just for fun... and to be honest... I didn't really miss this feature ;)
But I think it is working now... if there is someone interested to test this I have forked
the repo to:


The code adds a "Binnig Mode" control to the "Image Settings" Tab in the Indi Control Window.
If AVG is selected Binning will be calculated as an average by the camera.
If Add is selected the pixels will added as usual.

I have tested this code with a Touptek 2600 Mono and the Omegon veTec 571 color.

The driver supports many other cameras that are similar to the Touptek. There may be additional checks
in the code necessary to deal with other cameras.

Not sure if the coding is consistent with the "best practices" of this project.

I was not able to activate DEBUG logs. So I have added ERROR logs to the critical sections of the code.
This shall be fiexed.

Please post your comments if you like. I would be happy if I can contribute to this project...

CS, AstroMax