I am new to the forum and want to thank you all for the great hard work!
I have been configuring my Celestron CGEM with Ekos in KStars 3.5.9 and latest Indilib. Running on Kubuntu 20.04LTS.
Everything perfect except one thing, and I suspect I might be missing something:
I have set my HA limit at 0.67 hours, matching the 10 degrees limit set in RA on the CGEM Hand Controller.
Meridian flip is set at +5 degrees HA, so half that (20 minutes of margin). The Flip triggers correctly and happens succesfully, but after the flip, tracking is not restarted, because of error telescope hour angle is more than the maximum hour angle of 0.67, even though the mount is reporting the correct side of the pier, so this error should not trigger.
Am I missing something?

As a side note, I was curious to ask if there is an option to set the flip behavior to aborting current exposure instead of waiting for it to finish. That would allow me to set a lower gap between limits and Flip.
Thanks for your time!