tHi !

I managed to run StellarMateOS (mine, paid iso) on a Mac mini M1, via QEMU, and control it from an Ipad
not super user-friendly, but seems reasonably stable...and super responsive!

SUB stuff have been connected to EKOS on the mac, and stellarmate is accessing them via the INDI remote


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yes of course, i should say livestacker !
no idea why platesolve comes here, it works blazing fast (less than 2s) :)

another try yesterday, with bin1 ... it worked fine, stacking pictures in 30-40s consistenly


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Hi !

I played with SM's livestack app this week, and finally got it working almost fine :)

I have a imx533 cam (player_one, who works fine with last INDI rev), a 3008x3008 sensor
it appears to work with livestack only on bin2 (it's ok for me for now)

while debugging issues with bin1 and bin2, monitoring CPU use reveals the platesolver only use one thread, and one CPU core. it's capped to 25% of CPU use
with the 1500x1500 image, it takes about 10-15s to stack a frame

I tried with short time captures (2s, 5s), and what I understand is that :
- the capture routine shoot new frames every Xs, saving them to /tmp/
- the platesolve routine starts by processing the first frame, when it ended it continues with the current /tmp/ frame
- the intermediate frames are lost if the platesolve is too long to process them

with full-res images (3kx3k), the platesolver fails, process stops and one CPU core remains with 100% use unless restarting livestack
(ticket open with support, don't the subject of this post)

the main question is : is it possible to do multi-threading with platesolver ? 3 threads, to keep one core free for the system