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You fell into the astroberry 1hr trap


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Lol ive always wondered what scheduler was all about, some thing new to learn.



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Im quite a lazy astrophotographer and use astroberry on my setup to minamise what i have to do, but who would i have to speak to to make it even easier, what i want to do is just have to put my target into a box and press start and let astroberry.

1 goto target inc plate solve
2 focus
3 start guiding
4 start image capture

All in a single automted process from preset settings.

As said all i want to do is setup, polar align, enter target and press start and leave every thing till morning, i know it sounds boring but i just want to see how far we can automate every thing.



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Hello all first ever post mainly read posts but first time asking,

Has any one managed to get the new sky watcher adventurer GTI conected to their astroberrys yet ? Trying to get it to connect through ekos but im getting an error
Im useing the EQmod mount as the driver on both the device manager and the ekos profile, and connection through USB on my pi4 8gb running astroberry 2.0.4

"Failed to conect to port(/devtty/usb0) error port failure no such file or directory check if the device is conected to the port"

If i go to its option and select scan port it says " scan complete found 1 port"

So im guessing it can see the port but not the mount, am i useing the correct driver , i looked on the indi list and it seemed the appropriate one.

Any assistance would be much apreciated