too bad

however i tried to be smart today and swapped the cameras and made some discoveries:
* only the connection for the iPolar works
** but only if both connections have cameras connected to them
* both cameras work without any problems on the iPolar connection
-> conclusion: it has nothing to do with the cameras but with the silly USB3 hub iOptron has put into the mount

I can't believe that iOptron has created their own very custom microchip for this usbhub.
Pretty sure they used an off the shelf system. There must be somewhere drivers for it.
Or i rewire the mount and put the iPolar connection into the saddle



does indi support the integrated iGuider in the CEM70G? The camera isn't recognised as such.
I found the other similar Topic but the suggestions there didn't help me.
I tested the mount with windows desktop pc and everything worked. The iGuider worked only after the installation of the ASCOM drivers.
Also the USB hubs don't work. Only the iPolar works and the mount slewing.
I did just yesterday an apt update and upgrade, so the system is up to date.

The iPolar and the iGuider seem to be different

It's this specific CEM70G. It doesn't have the USB3 connection in the RA axis.

Here are the logs from my fruitless attempts

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Is there more to do than installing (and using) the indi_webcam drivers?