Hey all, first post and first time user of Kstars/Ekos.

Last night, I decided to test my rig with Astroberry. Equipment tested: EQ6-R Pro, Canon EOS Rebel T7, ZWO ASI120MM Mini Guide Camera, ZWO EAF. Pi is model 4B, 4GB.

As I stated above, this is my very first experience with this software, so I assumed I'd have some issues. I worked thru polar alignment (easy), Autofocus went off without any problems, I was guiding with PHD2, and imaging was going just fine. I was totally impressed. Around midnight, M31 crossed the meridian, and the meridian flip function in Ekos went well, solving and re-centering, restarted guiding and resumed imaging. Here's where the problems began.

After the meridian flip, dithering stopped altogether. Imaging was still going. Dither worked great before the flip.

A bigger problem than the dithering issue, is the fact the Kstars/Ekos would intermittently just shut down (again, after the flip). I had to re-start several times and finally gave up around 1:30am.

Lastly, don't ask for logs, as apparently, you need to activate log recording. I didn't know this, and can't for the life of me understand why logging isn't default.

Any help?