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Interaction between KStars/Ekos/Indi and FireCapture

2 months 1 week ago
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Interaction between KStars/Ekos/Indi and FireCapture #62899
I’m successfully combining driving my mount, polar alignment, focusing and platesolving using KStars etc, with capturing images of the planets with FireCapture in the Astroberry Server package on my 4G RPi4. However, each time I capture a video of a planet, FireCapture crashes. When I reopen it, some features no longer work, like the video capture timers. It carries on working well enough in manual mode, and saves the videos so I can carry on using it, but there are clearly a couple of bugs to sort out, but in FireCapture or in the interaction and handover with KStars? I don’t really know where to start posting my issues - here on the Indilib forum, or in some other forum?
I would also like some advice from the experts about how to correctly handover the functions of a camera from Ekos, after it has completed the autofocus process, to make it cleanly available to FireCapture for the next capture session. And then how to make it active again in Ekos so that it can once again be used for platesolving and focusing. Thanks for any suggestions!

Currently running KStars/Ekos/Indi on a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GByte under Raspberry Pi OS thanks to Astroberry
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2 months 1 hour ago
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Interaction between KStars/Ekos/Indi and FireCapture #63269
There is long standing problem with FireCapture and Raspberry PI builds. It was present on FC 2.6 and it remains open on FC 2.7 beta. Basically, there is one lib that doesn't works on RPI4. Inside the folder where FireCapture is installed, look for the file Ephemeris.so and delete it. With this operation, you will lose all the ephemeris information on FC (for example, you will lose the focal length computation that FC performs), but the app will not crash after each capture.
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