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observation planner wizard question

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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question...

I am trying to use the observation planner feature, specifically the wizard that lets me select objects within a specified portion of the sky. I don't understand what it expects as input for the rectangular portion.

From my porch I can only see the part of the sky from the north, to NE to east to south east. I want to look for objects that I can observe only within this portion of the sky.

So I selected Polaris on the north, and Saturn which is currently in SE from where I live. I grabbed their RA and Dex coordinates and entered them in the wizard. But it seems to consistently pick objects only from the part of the sky that I cannot see. I tried different combinations but I cannot get it to work.

I even tried the circular region. I put the coordinates of the Andromeda Galaxy as the center and a radius of 90. The resulting list does not contain the Andromeda Galaxy! So I am certain that I don't fundamentally understand the inputs it is expecting.

Can someone provide a specific example of how to use this feature? If a video or a tutorial exists about this, even better.

I have verified that it shows the correct date, time and place. I ask the wizard to filter by observation time and altitude, but I do not ask to filter by magnitude.
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I believe the wizard is broken, it's not your misinterpretation. See invent.kde.org/education/kstars/-/issues/173
We recently upgraded our DSO storage and retrieval code to work well with the space-partitioning data structure we use. This enables us to do a lot of other cool things (like enable a database of 1 million galaxies), but the major change broke many things despite the author's best efforts to check on them; I imagine this is one of the things that's not working because of this change. Please add your feedback to the issue linked above so we can make sure to take it into account when we fix it.
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