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Fall nebulae indigestion :)

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Two rather smooth nights (when the weather allowed) produced these nebulae:

The North America and the California I produced them with a Canon 6D (modified + L-enhance filter), a redcat51 (guided with a asi120 mini on a 120mm mini guider with PHD2) on a AZ GTi.

The Veil Nebula and NGC6960 I took them on a second night, with the same Canon 6D and filter, a TS71SDQ (350mm), again AZ GTi guided with ASI120 mini on a 120mm mini guider (PHD2). For the Veil, I made the stupid mistake of not locking the focus knob, and since it was almost zenith it slowly defocussed itself. From more than 90 pics I took, most are defocussed. I had to fight a lot with deconvolution and artificial star reduction to produce something minimally appealing to the eye. Apart from that, that TS71SDQ seems to have some comma in the borders, I need to figure out if I was perhaps pinching the optics of what, I don't recall to have such problems in the borders.

Bortle 5 skies approximately, with visible high clouds and some calima (dust from Sahara) :(

Set 1 -> AZ GTi, redcat51+Canon 6D, guide: 30mm+ZWO ASI 120MM.
Set 2 -> Star Adventurer, lenses+Canon 6D
Set 3 -> NEQ6, LX90-8' OTA/MN150 + 450D peltier, guide: 50mm+QHY5.

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