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Autofocus logging of position, temperature, filter, and HFR

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A quick heads-up regarding code changes merged today affecting autofocus:

a. HFR has been added to the existing INFO level "Autofocus values:" log line (end of line):
Autofocus values: position, 50100 , temperature, 15 , filter, "Red" , HFR, 1.61352
b. If a focuser temperature sensor isn't found, any temperature sensor known via "WEATHER_TEMPERATURE" will be used in the line above.
(This will allow Pegasus PPB, V2, and other temperature sensor values to be used in place of the "invalid" #).
c. The Linear focus alg debug level log entry for "Linear: points=" now includes a temperature value (end of line).
d. A new autofocus log (enabled only when focus logging is enabled) will live in .local/share/kstars/focuslogs/
e. The new autofocus log is a dated txt file containing a CSV style header, plus one line per run output:
date, time, position, temperature, filter, HFR
2020-06-04, 11:26:33, 50100, 15.0, Red, 1.624
2020-06-04, 11:50:35, 50200, 15.5, Red, 1.652
f. Only successful autofocus events will log an entry. Intermediate & failed results are obtained via the normal debug/verbose log.

Hopefully it's obvious that the new autofocus log(s) can be combined and graphed for a historical record of your setup's focus performance.
Cheers, Doug
RASA11, Celestron CGX-L, ASI183mc Pro, 60mm guider + ASI290mm mini, ASI EAF focuser, PPB, Rpi4-4Gb+SSD, Powered USB3 hub, hardwire Ethernet.
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