INDI Library v1.9.4 Released (17 Jan 2022)

Bimonthly Stable INDI Library release introduces new drivers and fixes for existing ones. Some highlights:

Do Not Use FTDI and Profilic Serial-USB Drivers in the Same Setup

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Being away from my system I can't give specifics but I found similar issues with the gpsd rules file conflicting with other USB serial devices. I had to comment out the specific gps device rules that were conflicting.

Furthermore there also is a conflict with the Davis Vantage device which grabs a port, even though I do not have a Davis Vantage, and makes connecting my Esatto focuser (IIRC) fail. I thus has to remove the 99-vantage.rules file to fix the issue.

I can provide specifics when I get back home, if needed.
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the 99-vantage.rules just creates a symlink, so it doesn't do much beyond that. However, I don't see it as really necessary and will remove it.
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