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Random slewing during tracking (OnStep)

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I have a very weird problem with my OnStep (version 4.12, KStars 3.5.7, MacBook Pro) and I don't know is this related to OnStep or Indi-driver, but I think to ask first in Indi-forum. The problem exists every now and then, but I think that yesterday was first time, when I see it in the log-file.

The problem is that during tracking, OnStep starts slewing without any reason. I mean that I had slewed to target and aligned it and started capturing. After some time, OnStep starts slewing and the target moves out of camera.

Yesterday I was capturing M97 and the problem is very clear seen from attached log-file. I have take only couple of parts from the whole log.

As you can see, target coordinate (RA) was first 11:16:06. However, in some reason at time 2022-02-23T01:36:31.051 EET coordinate changed to 11:16:26 and mount status changed from tracking to slewing. At the end of the log file (time 2022-02-23T01:43:41.083 EET) mount status is again tracking and the target coordinate is 11:16:05 but the target is not anymore in the center of camera.

Has anyone noticed similar problem or have any idea what is wrong?
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