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Celestron Evolution Mount Alt Az mode and EKOS/ AUX WiFi driver with StarSense

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I acquired an Evolution mount (Alt Az - not using wedge) and am trying to use it with EKOS. I also would like to use the StarSense which creates a sky model and can do GOTOs.
I have been able to connect EKOS to the mount by connecting the mount to the StellarMate Hot spot and using the AUX WiFi driver (not wedge). Of note, I was never able to connect the mount to EKOS via the StarSense HC USB connection to StellarMate using any of the drivers fully. (I could get a connection using some drivers (GPS?) but could not slew the mount using the computer (computer slew control never would indicate anything other than 1X) even though Idid a proper alignment with the HC first). This WiFI connection method bypasses the StarSense HC which holds the Sky Map after the StarSense alignment procedure is completed. So I have two questions: 1) Is there a trick to getting the HC to EKOS to work properly (and which drier is used)? and 2) If I use the StarSense HC to do the alignment first and then have the connection with EKOS via the wireless / WiFi connection (which bypasses the HC), can I then use the Plate Solving in EKOS to center the object of interest? Sorry for the long explanation. Explanation and help is greatly appreciated! Steve.
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