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iOptron daylight saving woes

1 year 2 months ago
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iOptron daylight saving woes #37236
Daylight saving started in Europe last Sunday. I thought it should be as simple as to set DST to "yes" with the handcontroller. Not so much...

I also had to adjust the clock, but that's not the issue. I had EKOS configured for the mount to set time and location via GPS. But after the change any slew was ~15° off. It also looked as if KStars was off by one hour with its display.

Correction attempt 1:
I thought I don't need the local time displayed on the handcontroller and thus disabled DST and set the time to UTC without any offset. This seemed to work a bit better, but somehow my slews were still off.

Correction attempt 2:
Then I thought it may be better to rely on KStars' ntp-synced clock instead. So I set my geographic location and switched the config. When I stepped out to reset something on the scope, the time there was different again. In this case the UTC offset was updated including the DST and without the DST flag being changed.

* does INDI/Kstars observe the DST flag when talking to mounts?
* is syncing from/to mount done the same way in each direction?
* can I enable KStars to display the currently used time/TZ/DST and location somewhere?
* are there any general recommendations on how to configure this? Preferredly without the need to change anything when DST starts or stops.

Thanks for your recommendations!
P.S. Hopefully this will become a thing of the past when the EU decides to ditch DST altogether :-)

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