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Odd behaviour in LX 200 basic when slewing

8 months 4 weeks ago
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Odd behaviour in LX 200 basic when slewing #38133
I am working on a new version of my telescope driver, TSC, and i discovered an odd behaviour when connecting via LX200 basic to the controller. usually, position is requested by the separate LX200 commands - :GR# and :GD# - and the controller repsonds and everything is displayed nicely in kstars. BUT if i initiate a slew via kstars, kstars/INDI starts sending :GR#:GD# as a single string. usually i can cope with this as other programs like cdc do the same - BUT here, the position hops all over the place in kstars. funny enough, it is not reported in the wrong fashion but apparently INDI interprets the response string in an erratic fashion. i can cope with this on the controller side, but it is irritating and apprently, sending a separate right ascension and decliniation string is not being resolved by INDI the way it should be.

so here is my question: what kind of response does INDI expect when sending a composite LX200 command. and why does it do that after all?


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